The Conference Schedule

This schedule is still a work in progress, and there will be changes and clarifications to it in the coming weeks.

9:00AM Breakfast
10:00AM Rich Johnson - Kubuntu   Martin Logan - Erlang
11:00AM Bill Veenhuis - SiCortex
12:00PM Snacks
1:00PM Jeff Sheltren - OSU Open Source Lab Dave Chakrabarti - Drupal
2:00PM Christopher Lameter - Linux Kernel
Clif Flynt - Tcl/Tk
3:00PM Ben Fry - Processing
4:00PM Android Developers Panel with Matt Hall, Justin Shapcott, Mark Murphy (Android Meetup hosted by Motorola)
5:00PM Matt Hall & John Watkinson - Intro to Mobile Game Development (Android Meetup hosted by Motorola)

9:00AM Breakfast
10:00AM Andrew Dougherty - Formalized Research Database: Cluster, Study and Apply Brian Leonard - OpenSolaris
11:00AM Mark Meeker - Accessible User Interfaces
12:00PM Snacks
1:00PM Steve Coast - Open Mapping Joanne Bick & Cindy O'Brien - Getting Started with IBM Community Tools based on Open Source and Open Standards
2:00PM Daliah Saper - Legal Implications of using Open Source
 Ben Fry - Working with Processing
3:00PM Massimo Banzi - Arduino
4:00PM Panel with David Heinemeier Hansson, Cedric Hurst, Rich Johnson, Christoph Lameter, and Daliah Saper
6:00PM Networking Event at the UIC Innovation Center (1240 W. Harrison) Free food and beverages. 21 and over only.